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I'm a lifelong entrepreneur with over 50 years of startup experience. I was recently awarded national recognition for my work as a citizen making a significant difference in the second half of life. This is the Renaissance age of innovation and entrepreneurship... and it's just beginning.

Are you in the second half of life? Do you want to learn more about creating your own path forward? Are you ready to put your knowledge, know-how, and networks to work?

Contact me to speak at your next event or for interviews. The book Ageless Entrepreneurs will be out soon.

My first business was bootstrapped with coins from a loose change jar. It was still running 40 years later.

At age 45 I started a company that became internationally recognized for innovation and entrepreneurship. At age 55 I shifted gears and launched a minor revolution in an entirely new industry. This path of ageless entrepreneurship is open to all in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

You can make your own culture changing contribution. I'll show you how. Here is some recognition for my work...

Purpose Prize. I was recently recognized as a Purpose Prize Fellow. This award is now supported by AARP who says this about the winners: 'Making a difference doesn't stop as you age. Millions of older adults are using their experience to give back, to solve problems, and to change lives. The AARP Purpose Prize award honors extraordinary individuals who use their life experience to make a better future for all. The AARP Purpose Prize is all about a new story of aging - focusing on experience and innovation and the idea that our aging population is an untapped resource full of possibilities. AARP Purpose Prize winners and nominees are role models. They are makers and doers who are out there creating new solutions that make the world a better place for people of all ages.'

United States Small Business New Product of the Year. My company was awarded the United States Small Business New Product of the Year by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). We competed against a national field of leading innovation companies with up to 500 employees. My company won the top prize. We had four employees at the time.

This is how NSPE described the award: 'This prestigious award honors American companies and their contributions to society. Winning products were chosen for their exceptional engineering research, design, and overall impact on our national economy.'

Fast Company Magazine Fast 50. I was recognized with the 'Fast 50 Award' from Fast Company Magazine. This award is now called The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies.

This is how Fast Company described our award: 'The Fast 50 are the idea elite of business, individuals with the vision and personal commitment to propel their companies and industries into the future. The Fast 50 is not just about the bigwigs or bottom line. It's a group of uncompromising leaders, tireless innovators, turnaround artists, truth-tellers, trendsetters -- readers who are fueled by courage, integrity, passion and a commitment to results.'

Wisconsin Governor's New Product Award. My work was recognized by the state of Wisconsin twice, including Best of State.

This is how the award was described: 'New and improved products stimulate the life and growth of our country. The purpose of the Governor's New Product Award's program is to recognize the full spectrum of benefits that come from the research and engineering of new products. These include added employment, economic development, strengthening of the nation's competitive position internationally and contribution to the public's standard of living.'

USDA Food and Nutrition Service. Midwest Region. Innovation in artisan food commerce, both rural and urban.

'Yours is considered a model approach to building a food system, which is the foundation for a vibrant rural economy.'

Do you want to join the revolution that entrepreneurs in the second half of life are leading? Join us. Ageless Entrepreneurs is a platform for people exploring entrepreneurship in the second half of life. As the subtitle says: Start small. Start smart. Start right now.


Contact me to speak at your next event or for interviews.

Making a difference is ageless

Author Rick Terrien.
Ageless entrepreneur and Purpose Prize Fellow.